Conduct & Analyse User Interviews 4x Faster

Record interviews and automatically pin your notes to the exact location for faster review and analysis.
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Be Confident In Your Interview Findings

Timestamped Notes

Pin Your Notes To Audio

Notes typed during interview recordings are automatically pinned to the audio location, for faster and more precise data review.


All your interviews in one place

Structure and organise projects to quickly navigate notes across multiple interviews


Connect To Your Current Workflow

Export your insights to demonstrate tangible connections between your data and your conclusions

“This tool is going to make me 4 times faster at analysing interviews.”

Dr. Andrew Muir Wood, Discovery Researcher



Timestamped Note Taking & Review

  • Google Chrome Only
  • Automatically Timestamp Notes
  • Securely Log And Store Interview
  • Audio & Notes Export Your Data As Needed

We are working on the following

Analysis Of All Project Data

  • Remote Interview Support
  • Freemium Support
  • Responsive App
  • Advanced Tagging System
  • Interview Script Creator

Collaboration With Your Team

  • Team Collaboration
  • Enterprise Package
  • Multi Device Workflow
  • Interviewee Profiles
  • Student Pricing


  • Post Interview Analysis Process
  • Transcription
  • Video Support
  • Produce Multimedia Reports
  • Gain Insights With ML

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